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Steep Mountains
  Executive Leadership  

Companies have been ‘stress-tested’ during this unusual time, surfacing core strengths and values, as well as critical vulnerabilities.   Leading companies require the capabilities to operate in an environment of uncertainty and constant change. Moments like these elucidate which of your organizational pillars are serving as a stabilizing force and north star, and which need to be re-examined or strengthened.

Participants will:

  • Conduct a ‘diagnostic check-up’ on core components of organizational purpose and identity (mission, vision, values, brand identity)

  • Gain tools for leadership through crisis, including practical tips for prioritization, communication, and creation of productive urgency

  • Align on organizational narrative for building resilience through change

  • Identify opportunities, ideate and innovate potential new opportunities presented during this period 

  • Explore strategic imperatives related to challenges and pivots catalyzed by this moment

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