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The unusual circumstances brought on by Covid-19 have enabled many of us to break old habits, step outside our comfort zones, and encounter our needs, challenges, and strengths with a new lens. Moments like these are rare opportunities to meet ourselves anew, deepen our self-awareness, and strengthen our skills and practices for the long haul. 

Covid Integration Workshops help employees glean valuable insights from this period and integrate them into their personal growth trajectories, strengthening self-awareness, resilience, and performance.

Participants will:

  • Gain a new lens through which to understand crisis, and are better prepared for inevitable future moments of change

  • Surface insights about personal strengths, needs, purpose, and working style

  • ​​Explore ways in which these learnings can strengthen your daily life beyond Covid-19

  • Learn concrete tips and strategies for converting insights into action​

  • Gain valuable skills and methodologies to navigate ambiguity

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