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Change is here to stay.
Are you prepared for the road ahead?

Having the tools and skills to adapt to a new business environment is integral to long-term sustainability. Our Covid Integration Workshops, led by experts in change management, will help you and your team shift from surviving today to thriving tomorrow.

Why Integration?
Episodic change is an illusion;
an excuse to prepare for the reality of continuous change.

Integration is the act of weaving our learnings from the unusual era of Covid-19 into our identities, behaviors and strategies for the future. For many, this period has seemed surreal and in some way detached from our realities before and after.  We are facing what may feel like new and distinct challenges and stepping outside our comfort zones as individuals, teams and organizations.


Drawing on 15 years of experience working with organizations and people undergoing large-scale and often turbulent transformations, we believe that moments like these shed light on past performance and behavior, surface and highlight critical insights, and contain blueprints for future growth.


Our workshops support your employees, teams, and leaders as you strengthen the muscle necessary to move from surviving today to thriving tomorrow.

Why Integration
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Who We Are
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Adena Philips Consulting is a change management and strategy consulting practice that partners with innovative companies and emerging organizations to achieve resilience and high growth within dynamic environments.

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